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Your reliable partner in secondary raw materials


Ciparo is a trading company, active in the market of used paper, pulp and plastic waste, based in Rotterdam. Founded in 1992, we now operate 5 branch offices in China (Golden Windmill), 2 offices in Vietnam as well as various regions in India and Indonesia.

Our core activities

  • The purchase of a wide variety of environmentally – friendly raw materials and half products.
  • The logistics involved in shipping these goods to end users.
  • The marketing, the sales, the warehousing and the distribution of these goods from our office in Rotterdam to our offices in Asia.

Our products are sold to the Far East where there is a growing demand for secondary raw materials and half products due to its fast developing economies. We have warehouses in Rotterdam and in Antwerp, where we ship our products from, but we also ship from main European ports in Germany, England, France, Spain and Greece and from other ports in North and South America, North Africa and Australia. Baling facilities are at hand in the US and in China. We work directly with waste collection and waste management companies, paper mills and plastic manufacturers, to ensure that we can deliver quality products in competitive prices.

Our Goals

  • Bridge the gap between waste collection companies and recycling companies
  • Meet our customers’ needs by providing a wide range of quality raw materials, half products and by offering inside knowledge of the recycling industry.
  • Ensure that waste is treated as a valuable resource.

Our Mission

Ciparo’s mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs with quality raw materials and to offer reliable waste disposal solutions, while maintaining and protecting environmental resources.

!AQSIQ Warning! We do not lend our AQSIQ license to other companies. Some companies claim to have our approval to use our AQSIQ license, these companies are scammers or con-artists who abuse our company details.  For more information, please contact info@ciparo.nl

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