Bulk Grades

We can purchase in bales, pallets and in the form of reels. Our minimum order quantity is a full container load but we have no maximum quantity. The main grades we trade in are:

– OCC (Old Corrugated Containers, 80/20, OCC, 95/5, 100%)
– ONP (Old News Paper, 70/30 deink)
– OINP (Over Issued News Paper)
– NCC (New Corrugated Containers)
– DLK (Double Liner Kraft)
– Soft/Hard mixed waste paper
– SOWP (Sorted Office Waste Paper)
– Magazine shavings

Special Grades

Apart from the common paper grades, we also trade in special types of paper. Some examples of special paper we are interested in:

– Tea and coffee filter paper in bales
– Label paper
– Playing cards
– Poster waste
– Tissue in all forms
– Non-woven grades
– Airlaid Trimmings
– Kraft bags
– Oil Kraft Paper
– Currency Paper
– Wallpaper
– Metalized Paper
– Wet strength paper

For a more detailed description of the grades we are interested in, please consult the “European List of Standard Grade of Recovered Paper and Board” and the “USA Waste Paper Grades (ISRI)” documents, available down below.

European List of Standard Grade of Recovered Paper and Board
USA Waste Paper Grades (ISRI)

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